Our History

before we begun

We were simple enthusiasts pursuing the best of the best in the industry. We tested exhaustively all the options in the market for our own, and our hobby became our passion from the very beginning.

Our History

The beginning

We founded our small distribution with a top quality product that satisfied the demand for those who looked for simplicity against degraded product in the market. We became the 3rd company in Mexico to import USA manufactured liquid which helped us founding our brand.

our history

pioneering, our achievement

With the integration of the first high-end commercial devices, people recognized us as the company that was doing things different. We achieved a company growth, and triplicated our sales, settling a long-lasting partnership with high-end manufacturers of known reputation.

Our History

positioning us in the world

Having the exclusive distribution of one of our major recognized partners, we increased our global engagement, attracting customers from all over the world. This has positioned us as the solemn retailer with global presence from Mexico, even to date.

our history

perfect timing

The high-end market was becoming more exclusive, and products availability were limited. While special lists were running in an effort to attain such products, we carried the most amount of exclusive brands, which made us one of the few north-american and global retailers to integrate all these brands when available for our hundreds of customers.



We developed ISO grade processes from the very begining, which helped us understand a re-branding was necessary. With our transition, we founded an exclusive partnership with many of the highest stature brands in Europe, and we became the first company that could legally export products outside of Mexico for the convenience of our international followers.

our history

neverending transition

The demand and supply of market changes every day, for which we are aware some transitions are necessary. We integrated a collaboration with the first high-end modder in Mexico, and positioned his brand in the world. With presence in the largest expos, we forsaw the tendency of what was coming for the next years, making a solid relationship with the most innovative members in the community, and heading to a new phase.

our history

Innovation at works

Major achievements are happening today. Our reputation keeps positioning way ahead than any brand in Mexico, and a development plan to engage with our locals is set. Our new Lounge has a capacity to produce over 1,000 bottles of Liquid per day. Our juice brand is the most dedicated quality product we have ever worked on, maintaining a price that will satisfy the needs of our local members budget-wise. These two took several months of R&D, but we wanted them to be perfect in every detail.



In the most difficult year we have experienced over the last decades, the industry is facing new challenges towards impressive innovation. Continue to work ahead, in a significant slow pace but looking to remain exclusive and relevant.

show must go on...

All in one for all

With new-old tendencies coming back and forth, we continue to provide solutions to gain the best personal experience.

Ascending strong

SCND™ Coming hard

Our newest pro-recipe brews took several years in development to obtain a pure and unique lineup.

our new lounge concept

we're at our highest

With a whole new industry emerging in, we're sure you'll enjoy alternatives of quality without sacrificing the Posh © experience. We welcome The Four Twenty Lounge ®