Demand & Supply... How are we handling it?

Through the years we have found more reasons to believe that the work we do at Posh, enhances the passion from its true followers. We had a unique purpose for servicing the mid and high end scene in Latin America, and North America which is to make things different.

For a hobby most of us enjoy, while opting out for a better alternative to deal with our nicotine needs, it has become very personal. We rarely use objects close to our faces; if we think about it, the number of articles we put next to our face or even in our mouths is very limited.

This is why having access to a number of collectible products that serve our purpose of Vaping is becoming just as real as any other collectible out there. Our job as a "High-End Distribution" is not to deliver products that are easily accessible for everyone. We look for the very best, and we handle our brands in the most professional way in order to protect their interests as manufacturers.

While our deepest desire is to be able to provide everyone with the opportunity to have such products, it is impossible to do it. The reason behind this is plain and simple, and has to do with demand and supply.

Most of our products online, have remained out of stock primarily because these products are either very limited, they sold out very quickly, or a combination of both things. When you look at high-end vaping, is not just about being able to collect anything you want the moment you want it.

If you are a truly collector you won't go after every single piece everyone else owns. Real enthusiasts want to have the very best and unique items, and if anyone else can afford to own it, it becomes irrelevant to own as a collector. This same principle applies to high-end watches.

When you visit most high-end boutiques looking for specific models of watches (let's say a Ceramic Stainless Daytona by Rolex). The chances of finding one in the world at retail price are one in a million. We're not exaggerating here, it is a current scenario you can ask any Authorized Dealer of the Rolex brand, and they'll likely keep those models for their most trustful customers. 

Does this mean we are doing it? Yes, and no. We have to reward such customers, if you as a customer have spent continuously and we see true enthusiasm, we'll work the extra mile for you. This does not mean the first timers are less, we simply work their membership through the time they remain loyal and help them when we can. 

Regrettably, our community is growing big and it is becoming very difficult to attain for our older and loyal customers' needs. We have been doing it this way since 2012, and to date we have been recognized as one of the most reputable Vape Shops in the world. 

Having said all of this, Vaping is not a first need article. It is not food, nor water for our members to have some entitlement when a new product is released. We are definitively working on making sure everyone who wants something, eventually gets it as long as they play cool with the way we work. 

We are very thankful to have a big number of High-Enders specially coming from Latin America every year. People come and visit our Lounge from across the country, and even from other countries. We feel like we want to reward you in so many ways, it is pretty impossible to keep track of each one of you and your needs.

We are handling things in the best way we can, to comply with demand and supply. However, we won't be able to satisfy the demand, nor it is our intentions to do so. It is not our main goal to guarantee everyone, a piece of the vaping collectible they want, because it is mainly a desire and not a need. 

We'd love to hear your input, but keep in mind our focus is towards quality, service, and making things different than your standard local Vape Shop. We're a high-class owner-operated business, looking to bring the very best when available. 

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