Preservation and Growth of the High-End Scene

High End is vaguely defined as articles made with quality in materials other than polymers and plastics. We visioned the High End as something more than that. While for some the feel of the term means status, we believe there's a solid background of what it really means. Exclusivity is a key element in the real high-end world, and this extends to the vaping industry as well as it does in other segments (watches, cars, etc). 

Exclusivity is tied to how limited a product is, just like other industry out there. For a true collector, is not worth owning if anyone can acquire it. In perspective, for the majority of members entering the high-end scene, if it's easily obtainable they will get it and love it for what it is, but real collectors will pursuit what no one else can have. 

Rarity is a perceived illusion because of market control, and how it behaves based on demand and supply. We believe that the high-end market is not just fine pieces made of gold and silver, but we seek for the most exclusive pieces in the industry because of the collectible aspect of it, whether is made from gold or polymer.