In late December 2020, the United States of America Congress passed a new law to enforce the prevention of online sales of vaping products to underage users, also known as the "Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act". This law prevents from Vaping Products to be shipped to end-users, eliminating the ability to supply end-users with online sales of any sort of vape product or its derivates (accessories, e-juice, atomizers, etc).

Our commitment to our U.S. customer base, is to ensure a continuous delivery of such products to your door, specially when it comes to exclusive gear that is hardly obtainable through local retailers. To ensure we provide you with mentioned service, please be aware of below:

  • As of March 26th, we will cease shipping any e-liquid, pods or closed system devices to anywhere in the USA until further notice.
  • Accessories and any item being shipped to the USA will strictly be shipped via DHL as such: "accessories". 
  • Atomizers may be shipped disassembled on request (e-mail us or add notes to your order if required).
  • Devices will still be shipped, aligned to available parcel codes that won't tie these directly to vaping or tobacco.  
  • Distributors and Wholesale customers may still order e-liquid from us; however, an active business license will be required upon releasing these parcels from customs where applicable (be advised private couriers won't deliver vaping products as of April 4th). 
Having these in mind, please be aware that we won't be held responsible for any loss, damage or seizure of packages being shipped to the USA. Our commitment and warranty relies with all of our customers, and we will continue to support in these events. However, these events are beyond our control and we are limited to assist once the package is handed to DHL.