While we make an effort to keep the majority of our products in stock, some items are usually reserved by pre-ordering. This allows you to secure a spot in a product that we believe tend to run out of stock quickly. Therefore, securing a product before is available is your best shot to get the product you want as soon as available.


 Reservation Policy

Unless specified in the product description, all pre-order products must be paid in full per our sales terms policy. In the event we are unable to secure a spot for the given product, we will apply for a refund according to your payment type (please review warranty and refunds to learn more about refunds). We recommend securing your product as soon as the product is announced available for pre-order, this way you'll be first in line and your odds to secure each product will be higher. Making a payment does not always secure a product, it may vary from time to time and based on product availability. If you're not sure about a product, please contact us before making a purchase.



Different from pre-orders, back orders are handled when a specific product is out of stock and we have the ability to re-stock the product immediately. If the product in question is to take more than 30 natural days to re-stock, we'll apply for a refund.


Cancellation Policy

Most of our products listed as pre-order are usually products that tend to run out of stock quickly as mentioned in the first paragraph of this policy. This means specific products are ordered at the request, and cannot be canceled once paid. If you, however, would like to request a cancellation, we recommend contacting us in the first 24 hours after placing your order to verify the cancellation eligibility. PLEASE BE ADVISED that purchasing a pre-order item is a commitment, we do NOT recommend proceeding with a purchase if you are not satisfied with wait times.


Wait Times

Products may have different wait times, it all depends based on manufacturer, product availability, difficulty, among other factors. The average wait time for most pre-order products is of 1 month (3 - 4 weeks); however, some products may take up to 4 months depending on how much demand the product has. We encourage our customers to not buy a product marked as "Pre-Order" unless the right wait expectations are set.