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Lion Rolling Circus

Lion Rolling Circus® Unbleached Filters

$ 35

In 2017, Lion Rolling Circus stands out from the crowd of competition by combining its rich history of smoking papers business experience, artistic creativity, bold graphics, and top quality rolling papers products and merchandise with a freaky new attitude and relentless marketing goal to carry the freaky word of these freaky papers to the world with freaky pride...

Check out their Bio's:

Circus characters, seamen, drummers and sexual myth, they are two guys in one body forced to live in perfect sync.

Creepy clown and shy bass player, he was meant to be a priest but chose the gods of music instead. An electric discharge ruined his face.

Sublime singer and former beauty queen, she transformed her beard in a manifest against sexism and violence.

Born of a virgin witch on a blue moon Halloween, he can make puppies fly and angels disappear and reappear on a whim...

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