We are Posh ©, a renewed brand founded in 2013 under the distribution of a California based liquid manufacturer, we are committed with the industry and focused to make things different. We are proud founders of the High-End scene in Latin America, we decided to expand our already world-class service beyond our borders. We offer a type of service that manufacturers are happy to work with, and we have partnered with the most exclusive modders and manufacturers in the High-End industry to bring products for a special kind of members. Our staff with over 10 years in the global customer service industry designed the best service processes in the Industry to ensure your satisfaction overall. 


Part of our legacy and scope is to provide each of our partner brands with a proper representation of their stature. Posh plays an important role in the distribution and sales of such products, we seek to protect the brands that we stand behind by maintaining the exclusivity of such. Exclusivity is a business strategy we deliver when specific manufacturers tend to align with the industry's most selective market and customer audience. We want these brands to be appreciated by the market not only for what they represent, but by giving them the proper value through our retail programs, for which others continent-wise are unable to comply. Posh is the exclusive gateway to hundreds of products, both commercially available and exclusively limited. 


We have created processes that we adapted from the Customer Service and Information Technology industry into our business. Our staff members have over 10 years in the mentioned areas, and we are happy to say we have ISO quality standards to comply with customers' expectations. Our customer satisfaction score is our best technique to a successful business, planning ahead and educating into what evolves in the industry before they know it.