Our Lounge is now available for your convenience, where you'll be more than welcome to visit for different services. To ensure your complete satisfaction during your visit, you are welcome to Book an Appointment prior your visit. However, is not required to do so.

Our Services Include: 

  • Point of Sale.
  • Online Order Pick Up.
  • Juice Bar.
  • Technical Assistance.
  • Exclusive Products Showcase.
  • Free Wi-Fi and Battery Chargers.
  • Bar & Snacks (VIP Only).

To Make an Appointment Now, click here

Our Lounge is located at the south of the Beautiful City of Guadalajara, fairly close to all point of interests, in a quiet and easy access neighborhood.


To make an appointment, you can use the link given above. Our Facebook

Appointments Platform will guide you through booking a session with us.  You can also go straight to our Facebook Page or Instagram and book an appointment from there.

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to read the control access rule for our lounge at the section below this page. 


Below rules are just precautionary rules set for your security, and to provide you with a better service. 

  • Our neighborhood is controlled by DAIPRO, and some vehicles are subject to inspection. We recommend closing your vehicle and cooperate with our security staff in case is needed.
  • At this moment, no backpacks are allowed inside our lounge. 
  • Our Lounge is monitored by a 24/7 cloud based camera system, any suspicious activity is immediately reported to local law enforcement.
  • No Children are Allowed at our Lounge.
  • No Pets are Allowed.
  • Cash Transactions are Limited, and monitored.
  • Appointments are limited to +2 per visit, if you require to attend with a larger group please contact us prior making an appointment.
  • Some of the items showcased are not for sale, you are welcome to try and feel some of the exclusive articles, but we reserve the right to decline the sale of such items despite the intended offers.
  • We reserve the right to decline the visit to any member who is flagged by our Community. 
  • When parking, please avoid obstructing garages or disturb neighbors around the Lounge. Security may be engaged at any time for such disturbances.
  • No food is allowed in our lounge. (Does not apply to beverages, except alcoholic beverages). 
  • We do not take soliciting, for professional visits please make an appointment via e-mail.
  • No guns or firearms are allowed.
  • No drugs or narcotics are allowed.
  • No smoking is allowed inside our lounge, there's an outside area designed for smokers.
  • While most appointments take from 30 - 60 minutes, you are welcome to stay as long as you need, but we appreciate respecting other members appointments. 
  • We'd appreciate your punctuality as well.
  • In case of no-call or missing an appointment, a new appointment will be required.
  • We do not make juice adjustments on-site, if you wish to make a special juice adjustment request, please place your order beforehand and leave notes while making the appointment.
  • Rules are subject to change, our visitors accept these by visiting our lounge at any given time.
  • While most appointments are free of charge, technical assistance may involve a small fee depending on what's needed. There are no fees for general assistance.