We are truly grateful with your patience on the Boxxer inquiries we've received lately. First of all, and to clear some doubts. We are NOT re-stocking more Boxxer at this moment. Second, we've been testing the batch received and have found no issues if built right. This however, isn't everyone's case. If you are finding difficulties with leaking from the atomizer (being gasket, insulators, pin, etc). Your issue will be addressed accordingly by Odis. While we are the retailers who provided you with the service of selling this item, it is considerably faster if you reach Odis Design directly. If you do it through us, rest assured you'll get a quality service as we have always provided. However, the same process you'd normally do through Odis is something we have to do and something we are doing already. A third and final version of the alleged gasket is in production, and while we wait for those, Odis is honoring our international customers and will be addressing those requests for gaskets to you directly. Information about your purchase has been directed to them, and we Posh Distro will be informing you shortly what's the next step. This isn't an isolated event, but we are following up closely with them to provide you with the best purchase experience. We fail to know what article will succeed from the moment is designed to the moment you receive it, that's something we are sometimes unable to discern specially during pre-orders. For now, if you have other technical issues, please reach out to Odis via their contact form and a representative who is diligently working on these will get back to you.